Medical Spa

Medical Spa A Medical Spa was developed by Dr. Donna & Tim Wilcox. "A Medical Spa" is an independent Aesthetic Medical Practice / Medical Spa that works seamlessly with Rizzieri Salon and Spa. Our business model has become a small business disruptor in South Jersey. A Medical Spa believes in the power of collaboratively working together with Rizzieri [...]

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Can I Use My Obagi in the Summer?

Can you use the Obagi Nu Derm System (with tretinoin and hydroquinone) during the summer?   Absolutely!  In fact, it is especially important to use your Nu Derm products during the summer when sun exposure is at its highest and skin’s susceptibility to sun damage is at its peak.  If there was ever a time to correct and protect your skin [...]

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Face Mapping

Identifying the Source of Skin Conditions Zone 1 (Forehead): ACNE: Small bumps or cysts caused by candida overgrowth in the gut. This will often be accompanied by acne in Zone 4. MELASMA: Large patches of brown resulting from damage to the liver. ROSACEA: Redness that remains relatively constant and worsens with triggers from certain foods or stress. It reflects [...]

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Why You Should See a Doctor for Skincare Products

Anyone who has visited a physician or professional aesthetician’s office seeking to improve the appearance of his or her skin has likely heard of or received a recommendation to use professional skin care products. Excluding prescriptions covered by insurance, the price of the products may be surprising. Why purchase skin care products from a physician rather than a drug store? [...]

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All the “down there” grooming questions you are afraid to ask

“Down-there” grooming is a touchy subject ... literally. Whether you leave the hair-removal process up to the professionals or you prefer to do your own “landing strip” at home (yeah, we went there), you’re probably still wondering if you’ve got this thing all figured out. So we took one for the team and asked Uni K Wax founder Noemi [...]

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Obagi Medical Best of the Best

It’s hard to believe that it is already 2016. With the passing of time also comes the ability to try new things, and inevitably to find “favorites.” We asked several Obagi staff members to share their favorite products that help them (and their skin) get a fresh start to the new year. Are your favorites in this list? “My [...]

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