FALL 2019 Graduate Testimonials

“Taking the Integrative Medical Aesthetics Program at the Rizzieri Aveda School was one of the best choices I’ve made to further my career in the beauty industry. The courses proved to be extremely informative, practical, detailed and easily transferable to the work place. The hands on teachings were by far my favorite learning experience. The educators and the physicians were relatable and detailed which made it easy to learn. If you are looking into the medical aesthetic program, I highly recommended joining. You will not regret it!”

Janine Bocchicchio , Class of 2019

“The Integrative Medical Aesthetics program at Rizzieri was such a wonderful class experience. The instructors were full of knowledge and I learned so much over the course of 6 weeks. The education I have received not only has strengthened my skills and abilities as an Esthetician but has also given me the confidence to reach higher than I thought was possible in the industry. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to further their education and enhance their skin care expertise!”

Emily Bruno, Class of 2019

“I was enrolled in the Medical Aesthetics program during the fall of 2019. I honestly loved every second of it. I did not want the 6 weeks to come to an end! During my time taking this program, I have learned so much, advancing my knowledge on skin care, treatments, and the anatomy. The instructors and staff were absolutely professional and I can truly see that every instructor was very passionate and knowledgeable on everything they were teaching which made me want to learn so much. The materials and lessons were very thorough and educational. I am a recently graduated esthetician, and this program has made me very motivated and improved my skills and passion. I would recommend this program to anyone! “

Diana Phan, Class of 2019

“I enrolled in the Integrative Medical Aesthetics Program this past Fall 2019. I’m so glad that I took this program to further my aesthetics career. The instructors and physicians were informative during lecture and provided one on one assistance during our hands on procedures. My favorite classes were the hands on because we were able to work with live models. It was such a great learning experience overall! I definitely recommend this program!”

Katy Asroff, Class of 2019

I was enrolled in the Medical Aesthetics Program in the fall of 2019. Before the program even began, I was grateful and impressed to find one course that offered training in so many different procedures. Having completed the program, I’m incredibly grateful to be able to say I have knowledge of, and hands-on experience with, some of the most popular, effective skincare procedures available today! The knowledge and experience that instructors Dr. Wilcox, Laurie Steele, and Helene Geigelman possess is extensive and shared so openly. It was wonderful to have any question I had answered by such successful professionals! I found myself looking forward to the next session from week to week. This program reignited my excitement and enthusiasm for Aesthetics, and I can honestly say that I feel like I will be much more successful transitioning into the Medical Aesthetics field as a result!

Julia McElroy, Class of 2019

The Integrative Medical Aesthetics Program of NJ was an amazing experience. Our instructors Lauri & Helene were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. Any time I had a question it was answered with accuracy and detail. I absolutely feel that taking this program was one of the best decisions I could have made to further my career. During the 6 week program I learned so much and I am more confident in my skills than ever!

Eva Lorenzini, Class of 2019

“After completing the skin care program at Rizzieri I knew the next step for me had to be to take the medical aesthetics program. I loved how hands on the program was and how much I learned in six weeks. I am confident in successfully performing the services we learned in a medical spa setting. The educators of this program are amazing. They are patient, personable, and most importantly knowledgeable. They made seven hours of learning on a Sunday enjoyable. I would have loved to do another six weeks with my classmates and the medical aesthetics team. If this is a program you are interested in taking, you should! You will not be disappointed and this program will only help you in the aesthetics business.”

Andrea Kowaleski, Class of 2019

I decided to attend the Integrative Medical Aesthetics program at Rizzieri to further my education and learn how to successfully perform medical skincare treatments. This was the only program in New Jersey that had everything I was looking for to achieve my education and training goals. There was some lecture which helped me to refresh my memory and learn new things . We also had hands on with live models. The instructors were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I’m glad I choose this training.  I learned a lot and feel I’m ready to pursue a different path in my career. I highly recommend this program!

Malgorzata Elling, Class of 2019

I made the decision to take the Integrative Medical Aesthetics program after spending some time working at a medical spa.  If you’re trying to work in this field, you can understand the difficulties of receiving “on the job training”.  This program offered advanced training for the most in demand services in this field.  There was great hands on training with models which really helped me learn, and the instructors were very knowledgeable and always available for questions. Enrolling in this program was the best decision, and I highly encourage anyone looking to work into medical aesthetics to take this comprehensive course first!

Jennifer Vinch, Class of 2019

“My experience with the Integrative Medical Aesthetics Program at Rizzieri was nothing short of my high expectations. I learned so much and I met so many new people. The process of learning a new technique with a group of people and then practicing together makes it so easy to catch on because you all learn together at the same pace. Instructors are there whenever you have a question so you feel completely safe. This was the best decision I’ve made for my future career. I will take these skills with me through out my entire life. Highly recommend this program”

Elliana Paglione, Class of 2019

FALL 2018 Graduate Testimonials

“I was enrolled in the Integrative Medical Aesthetics Program during the fall of 2018. My instructors were Dr. Wilcox, Helene Geigelman and Laurie Steele. During this time I was able to learn many things about advanced medical skincare procedures, causes of skincare problems and how to remediate them. I was immensely impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of my mentors. I was struck by the intensity of the curriculum and how comprehensive it was. It truly enabled me to improve my skills and passion for addressing skincare routines. I had the opportunity to practice the techniques we were taught, which gave me the confidence I was looking for. I now possess hands on experience that I need to be successful in this industry. This program is very thorough and educational. You will not receive this kind of extensive training anywhere else. I would recommend this program to anyone that is serious and interested in Medical Aesthetics. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for having the opportunity to take this program. Overall, it was a great opportunity to explore and challenge myself to expand my options.”

Domenique Dalia , Class of 2018

“I would absolutely recommend the Integrative Medical Aesthetics Program. There was so much information given that was useful, current and pertinent to finding a job in this field. I specifically enjoyed Dr. Wilcox’s “pearls” of important information that are so useful in treating clients. Laurie’s client care, charting and product recommendation tips were fantastic as well. The entire program was well run, organized and geared for the maximum learning and practice time of the students. It was very beneficial to both give and receive the services so we experienced what they felt like and could make recommendations to clients. They went above and beyond to be sure we were the most educated in the field. We even received training on advanced anatomy, injectables and lasers so we can better assist the doctors and nurses at our practice. I only graduated less than a month ago and have already been on two very promising interviews at different facilities. Both were impressed with my training and were eager to hear more about the program. If you are thinking of advancing your skincare career, this is the program for you!”

Alison Tegano, Class of 2018

“I have been in the skin care industry for about 8 years now and wanted to further my knowledge by taking this Medical Aesthetics program. Each week you learn a new and exciting treatment. Best of all you get the chance to work hands on with the guidance of licensed professionals. This course prepares you to take the leap into a new and exciting path in the Medical Aesthetics field. I highly recommend it for any Aesthetician!”

Kaitlyn Bukowski, Class of 2018

“The Medical Aesthetics Program at Rizzieri’s was a great experience! I gained a lot of knowledge and feel comfortable performing medical aesthetic services. The instructors were very helpful and made me more confident in my skills. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in the medical side of skin care.”

Kirsten Adamson, Class of 2018