No one can tell you about the transformational power of Obagi better than real patients, with real results. We were honored when published author and syndicated blogger, Robin O’Bryant, agreed to share her Obagi experience as a guest blogger for you to enjoy.

The only New Year’s resolution I’ve ever kept was the year I said I was going to quit buying clothes in any store which also had a snack bar and/or shopping carts. I’m telling you this because you need to know that I am cheap. Frugal sounds better but it’s not as accurate.

My love of a good bargain ran over into every area of my life, until New Years of 2011 when I decided that since my kids were all old enough to wipe their noses on tissues instead of my used-to-be black drugstore yoga pants, that maybe it was time I started investing in some decent clothes.

I learned a valuable lesson: you get what you pay for. Real clothes made me feel like a real person, instead of the family snot rag. This was an improvement.

It took a while for that lesson to trickle over to other areas of my life. Over the course of the last 18 months, I spent literally hundreds of dollars on drugstore brand face creams and lotions that did absolutely nothing for my skin—I didn’t see the point in paying more.

For one thing, I have pretty good skin. It’s really dry but that at least saved me from having breakouts. I was starting to notice fine lines around my eyes more and more, but I’m 35 years old and that’s likely to happen sometime, right?

Last summer, I was in New York and had my makeup done by a professional makeup artist and when she spun me around to look in the mirror, I marveled at the lack of lines around my eyes. What miracle makeup was this??

“Just moisturizer,” she said with an exotic accent. “Your skin is really very dry.” It began to occur to me that maybe my face was getting what I was paying for, as well.

I had heard great things about Obagi from friends: sun spots vanishing, acne clearing up, wrinkles diminishing. I wanted to try it, and was thrilled when I made contact with two of Obagi’s marketing team members and had the opportunity to get started.

My friends, the Obagi team, and even the esthetician at my local Med Spa warned me that my skin would get worse before it got better but I shrugged them off. My skin was so dry—I don’t have breakouts like other people do!

Ten days later, you could’ve played connect-the-dots on my face, but I was oddly excited about this—I had been warned and I knew that this meant the products were working and my skin was going to get better. And it did!

After about five weeks of consistent use, people started noticing. Aubrey, my eight-year-old, commented while I washed my face one morning, “I think that stuff is helping you with your dots!”

My husband, after being away from each other for almost two weeks due to conflicting travel schedules, brushed his hand across my cheek and said, “Whoa! Your skin feels different! That stuff must work!”

In yoga class, four different people asked me if I had changed my hair or my makeup before it occurred to me that the only thing I had changed was how I was taking care of my face. I walked out of my mother’s bathroom into her den after washing my face without a speck of makeup on and she did a triple take, “Your skin is literally glowing. Are you wearing makeup?” she said.


“Then how’d you do that??”

I became a walking infomercial. Obagi has replaced my dull, dry, lined skin, with moisturized, dewy, glowing and flipping radiant skin. I cleaned out my bathroom cabinets and put all the drugstore junk where it belongs—in the trash.

Lesson learned: You get what you pay for.

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