PeelFusion™ Frequently Asked Questions

How would the DermaSweep MD PeelFusions compare to the Vi Peel, Obagi Blue Peel or a TCA Peel?
The PeelFusions are virtually painless. In addition, PeelFusions have very few of the complications that can happen with other peels.

How many PeelFusions can you do and how far apart should they be done?
For most patients, PeelFusions are recommended in a series of 3 done every 1-2 weeks for the desired results. Your trained skin care professional will be able to recommend the best treatment plan for you.

How are the DermaSweep MD PeelFusions different from other peels?
PeelFusions combine a chemical peel with the benefits of microresurfacing for optimal results. Any peeling or flaking is considerably less because of removing the dead skin through  microresurfacing as well as using the vacuum to infuse the PeelFusion into the skin deeper.

How badly will I peel?
Your skin will not peel. Your skin will be dry and flaky vs. actually peeling because of the combination of the microresurfacing and using the vacuum to infuse the PeelFusion deeper into the skin. Most patients report there is no downtime associated with the PeelFusions.

How many treatments are required to show an improved look?
Most patients will see results and an improvement in their skin after just one PeelFusion treatment.

Will results be long lasting?
Like everything else in life, skin needs maintenance. PeelFusion treatments are recommended every 2-3 months to maintain the results.

What types of skin respond well to the PeelFusions?
The fact that there are mild to aggressive PeelFusion treatments allows most skin types and skin conditions to enjoy the benefits of the DermaSweep MD PeelFusion treatments.

How much preconditioning of the skin is required?
Your physician or trained skin care professional might recommend using skin care to precondition the skin with certain skin types and skin conditions.

Does it burn?
Not really. You will feel a slight stinging sensation for a few seconds which subsides almost immediately. Some patients may feel more comfortable using a fan or cold air breeze.

What will I look like right after the PeelFusion and during the next few days?
The skin will look slightly windburned or sunburned for a few hours and will most likely subside by the following day. Your skin will be dry and start to flake on about day 2 or 3 and will be done flaking within 7 days. Hyperpigmentation or photodamage may appear as brown tissue-paper spots and will flake off by day 7.

What about normal activities after the PeelFusion?
It is recommended to avoid heavy perspiration for the first few days after the PeelFusion.

Who will perform the PeelFusion?
Physicians can perform PeelFusions, as well as a licensed nurse or licensed esthetician

What will the PeelFusion do for my skin?
DermaSweep MD PeelFusions will help erase fine lines and wrinkles, shrink enlarged pores and build collagen and elastin which tighten skin. It is extremely effective in reducing or  eliminating hyper pigmentation including melasma, as well as improving acneic skin.

How many PeelFusions are needed?
Your trained skin care professional may recommend a series of 3-4 PeelFusion treatments 1-2 weeks apart for the best results, but some patients are happy with their results after just 2  PeelFusion treatments. After the series of PeelFusion treatments are complete, PeelFusion treatments are recommended every 2-3 months to maintain the results.

Can I wear makeup after the PeelFusion?
There are camouflage makeups that are safe to apply immediately after your Peelfusion, which your trained skin care professional can recommend for you.

What about the neck, chest, arms or hands?
PeelFusions are very effective in removing sunspots from the hands, arms and chest and eliminating the wrinkles associated with sun damage on the décolletage. The peeling process is different and take longer than for the face.

How long will the PeelFusion take?
Your appointment will take only about 30 minutes or less.

What kind of final results will I see after a single PeelFusion?
Your skin will look luminous, radiant and glowing. Hyperpigmentation may be gone or appear lighter, depending upon how much pigment you have.

What should be used on the skin in conjunction with the PeelFusion?
UVA/UVB broad spectrum sunscreen is always recommended. Your physician or skin care professional may recommend skin care to compliment your PeelFusion treatment.

Does the PeelFusion make the skin thinner?
No, by combining the exfoliation and circulation benefits of microresurfacing, as well as the peel, the skin actually thickens by stimulating collagen production.

Will my skin be more sensitive after the PeelFusion?
Your skin may feel slightly windburned or sunburned post-PeelFusion and might be sensitive to certain skin care products for up to 5 days.

Can I go in the sun after the PeelFusion?
Prolonged sun exposure should be avoided, especially when treating pigment or photodamage. A UVA/UVB broad spectrum sunscreen is always recommended.

Can cold sore sufferers have a PeelFusion?
Yes, your physician may recommend pre-medication prior to the PeelFusion.

Are teenage acne sufferers too young for the PeelFusion and would it help their acne?
DermaSweep MD PeelFusion treatments are excellent for teenagers suffering from acne.

Does the PeelFusion help with precancerous cells?
PeelFusions are not designed to treat skin cancer, but do help to remove precancerous cells by removing
dead skin. Of course, always consult with your dermatologist when regarding skin cancer.

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