Integrative Medical Aesthetician Program of New Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have to have a valid NJ Esthetician license to do the program? 
We prefer you have a current esthetician license but will consider a recent graduate of an accredited skincare program while you are waiting to take your state boards. We also welcome licensed RN, PA and NP applicants to our program.

2. What happens if I miss a class?
There are no days that can be made up. Depending on the missed class, it might affect whether you’re able to get your industry certifications. It is important that you register for a class when you can commit to the entire schedule.

3. What kind of payment options are available?
Payments may be made by paying in full at the time of registration or by making payments to the school. The payment schedule is as follows: $500.00 deposit at the time of registration, 50% of tuition due prior to class start date with the balance due by the 3rd day of class.

4. How much will I make after completing this program?
We cannot answer this with a specific dollar amount. In our experience after completing this program and becoming employed in a medical aesthetic setting, your ability to make an increased living is a realistic expectation. Medical aesthetic services are usually higher in price and may garner an increased commission payout. Some establishments offer hourly pay or per service compensation.

5. Will I get to perform the services that I’m being certified for?
Yes, you are required to perform each of the services that you’re getting certified for.

6. Will I need a model for class?
All students are required to participate in hands on practice of each service being taught in the program. You are required to give and receive services on each other. If you have a special circumstance that is a contraindication for any of the services or certifications being taught, we require advanced notice. Any student that needs to abstain from participation will be discussed on a case by case basis. If your participation is determined to be a contraindication, you must supply a model to practice on.

7. What kind of career opportunities are available after the completion of this program?
There are a variety of career opportunities available after completing the program such as a medical spa, plastic surgery practice or dermatologist office. You may even consider opening your own skincare business within an established medical practice.

8. Where are the classes held?
The classes are held at 8200 Town Center Blvd. Voorhees, NJ 08043 and the internship will be held at A Medical Spa at Rizzieri on Rt. 73 in Marlton, NJ 08053.

9. I’m licensed in Pennsylvania! Can I still take this course?
Yes, we welcome licensed aestheticians, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants from any state. Please note: There is no official license for medical aesthetics in any state, so this program is for advanced educational purposes, as well as the additional industry certifications you will be receiving.

10. Is Financial Aid Available for this course?
There is no federal financial aid for the course.

11. Will there be tests and homework?
There will be some written testing for industry certifications.

12. How many students per class will there be?
Classes can have between 8-15 students.

13. Will I need a physical to take this course?
A physical exam is not required for the program.

14. Is there an attendance policy?
You are required to be at every class. If you miss a class, you will miss major material that may affect whether you are able to get the individual certifications.

15. Is there a uniform?
There is no formal uniform. Professional attire is required.

16. Are there any loan options?
There are payment options available and they can be discussed on an individual basis at your Career Planning session.

17. What is the tuition deposit to register for school?
We require a tuition deposit of $500.

18. Is there a discount if I elect to attend other courses at Rizzieri Aveda School, Rizzieri School for the Healing Arts, or A Medical Spa at Rizzieri?
The Integrative Medical Aesthetician Program of NJ offers a $500 scholarship to Rizzieri alumni for this program. At this time, there are no reciprocal discounts offered by Rizzieri Aveda School for participants.

19. Do you offer job placement?
We do not offer job placement, however, we will be discussing strategies on how to best present yourself and your newly acquired skills in your resume presentation and job interview opportunities.

20.  Why is there a Medical Aesthetician Certificate of Completion?  The State of NJ has no official license for Medical Aesthetician.  Only a certificate of completion can be offered at this time to show your participation and graduation from this continuing education program.

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