A Typical Day at our Medical Aesthetics Program

Medical Aesthetician ClassSo, what can you expect if you enroll in our medical aesthetic program? We always start promptly at 9 am and each day starts with a formal lecture. If it is a hands-on certification day, such as medical aesthetic grade peels, we will move from our lecture to a live demonstration. This is where the students can watch, close up, how to evaluate a client’s skin for a medical aesthetic grade peel and why a particular peel is chosen. This is a very important part of our hands-on certification days. Mastering how to perform an in-depth evaluation of your client’s skin, every time they come to see you, will go a long way in helping to build that coveted trusting relationship that keeps them coming back to you, their medical aesthetician, for all of their medical aesthetic needs.Once the demonstration is over, we usually break for lunch and then the students will work on each other. First and foremost, evaluating each other’s skin. We break off into small groups to do this and then come back together to discuss the evaluation sheets, what the “client’s” needs are and why a specific peel was chosen. Now the students can settle into actually performing medical aesthetic grade peel services on each other. We make sure that there is plenty of time for students to observe how each different peel reacts on different types of skin. Visualization of a peel reaction is one of the most important aspects of properly performing this type of corrective treatment! We give our students individualized attention during these sessions so that they feel comfortable and capable of creating real change for their future clients.

Medical Aesthetician Class

Once all students have performed, received and observed each medical aesthetic grade peel, we move on to our model session. Live models are brought in so that the students can get lots of hands-on experience performing all of the medical aesthetic services and treatments we provide certifications in. Medical Aesthetician Class

Models are provided by us and students are also encouraged to have their own models come in and participate in this very unique educational experience. This is usually our students’ favorite part of the day. It’s fast paced, exciting and so much fun! Our educators are still providing individual attention during this session so that every student understands what they are doing, why they are doing it, and feeling confident that they are providing the best treatments and care for their clients. The day usually ends around 5 pm.

I have been in the Beauty, Health and Wellness industry since becoming a licensed Cosmetologist in 1984.  In 2008, I went to work for Dr. Donna Wilcox at her medical spa and was introduced to the wonderful things medical aesthetics can do for skin. The products, services and guidance that became available to me there helped me to resolve long standing issues with my skin that I had been struggling with and felt hopeless to ever conquer. This experience lit a fire in me to not only scream from the rooftops how amazing this industry is, but to also somehow teach other industry professionals how to be able to affect this kind of change in their client’s skin and confidence. As it turns out, I was in the right place and with the right person to make that happen! Dr. Wilcox also has a passion for medical aesthetics and a desire to educate as many professionals as she can. We collaborated and designed the Integrative Medical Aesthetics Program of NJ and have been teaching licensed cosmetologists and skin care specialists, as well as registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants and physicians since 2012, how to do the best they can to make corrective medical skincare available to their patients and clients.

Helene Geigleman, Program Director for The Integrative Medical Aesthetics Program of NJ
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