Nikki Cusati is a licensed Aesthetician and graduate of the Rizzieri Institute. She has also successfully completed The Integrative Medical Aesthetics Program of NJ, receiving multiple clinical certifications in advanced medical aesthetic devices and treatments. Nikki thrives on challenging herself and continuing her education in order to provide her clients with maximum results.

A true people person, her greatest strength lies in building strong relationships with clients in order to understand their life circumstances and skincare needs. This enables her to provide the highest possible outcomes for their skin. She loves being a part of the ever-evolving beauty industry. Her passion and specialty is prevention, and she is so excited to introduce the remarkable world of medical skincare, and it’s anti-aging benefits, to the younger generation. She takes aging gracefully seriously and is devoted to helping others look and feel their best.



Donna Giosa is a licensed Aesthetician who attended the Rizzieri Institute and has been employed by the Rizzieri Spa for the past 20 years. She has also received many certifications in medical aesthetics. She also holds a certification in massage therapy. Donna is currently enjoying her work in the medical spa performing cutting edge medical skin treatments and clinical facials.

Donna’s passion has always been the beauty industry. She thrives on relationship building. Helping her client’s look and feel their best is her life’s work. In her tenure as a skincare specialist, she has established significant loyalty with many long-term customers and enjoys many wonderful relationships.



Michele D’Angelo is a licensed Aesthetician with over 25 years experience at Rizzieri. She is also a licensed skin care instructor and extensively trained in medical aesthetic procedures. Michele is highly trained in clinical facial treatments including corrective medical and anti-aging collagen induction procedures. Results, Results, Results is her mantra! She chose this industry because of her strong belief that aestheticians are healers and her desire to make a difference in people’s lives. It is her goal, each day, to help her clients’ love their skin. Michele takes pride in providing education and guidance to everyone she touches. She is very excited for the future of Rizzieri and A Medical Spa at Rizzieri!



Rekha Admin has been beautifying and rejuvenating the skin of her clients for over 25 years. She is a licensed Aesthetician and has cultivated her holistic blend of western science and eastern healing for nearly 20 years at Rizzieri. Rekha is highly trained in medical aesthetic procedures and has fine-tuned her delivery of the most cutting edge procedures at Rizzieri spa to achieve remarkable results. She holds a degree in Psychology and acknowledges the deleterious effect of stress and daily wear on your skin.

Rekha empowers her clients by educating them on procedures and products that best fit with clients’ skin profile and characteristics to achieve youthful and glowing results that last.



Stephanie Curran has extensive background and knowledge in the clinical field of medical aesthetics. Stephanie completed the skin care program at Rizzieri Aveda School for Beauty and Wellness in 2007.  Stephanie completed her certification in Micro-pigmentation at the Beau Institute in 2008 and started Forever Fabulous Permanent Cosmetics.

Stephanie is currently an instructor for the Integrative Medical Aesthetics Program of NJ. She strongly believes in and hopes to instill through her teaching, that in medical aesthetics your top priority is to understand the individual needs of every patient. The medical aesthetics field is constantly expanding and it is imperative to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry.



Melanie McCullough is a licensed Aesthetician and has been in the industry since graduating from Rizzieri right after high school in 2012.  For as long as she can remember, skincare has been her true passion and always what she wanted to dedicate her life to.  Her focus is results, with relaxation. She loves to make people feel confident in their own skin, and to help bring out their natural beauty.  What she loves about this industry is its ever evolving nature, which allows her to continue to advance and grow her skillset.  The continued education she pursues helps her to provide the best treatments and services available,  no matter what their age or skincare concerns.



Maria Rich has been a make up artist for the past forty (40) plus years and her mantra is “Love Everything Beauty”! Maria’s expertise is the brow from Waxing to Permanent Cosmetics. The second chapter to Maria’s career is now Permanent Cosmetics for a change of pace providing an additional layer to her already amazing brow expertise. Maria Lives, Eats, and Breathes Brows!! Using only the highest quality products for enhanced patient outcomes. Let’s Do Your Brows!


Maria’s Hours: MON 10-4, WED 9-6, THUR 10-4, FRI 9-3



Jenine Macrillo, a licensed esthetician, embarked on her journey in the beauty industry after graduating from the Rizzieri Institute in 2011. Initially trained as a makeup artist, her fascination with skincare blossomed when she witnessed the challenges many faced with their skin. Over the years, she has garnered numerous certifications in advanced medical aesthetics, enriching her expertise.

Driven by her passion for skincare, Jenine finds immense fulfillment in aiding others with their skin concerns, whether it’s combating acne or addressing signs of aging. Having personally battled cystic acne in adulthood, she empathizes with the struggles her clients encounter and brings invaluable experience to guide them towards skin health.

Jenine’s forte lies in her ability to transform skin through advanced treatments and tailored home care regimens, resulting in radiant, healthy complexions. Her ultimate aspiration is to instill confidence in everyone she serves, fostering a sense of comfort and empowerment in their own skin. With each visit to our medical spa, Jenine endeavors to ensure her clients depart feeling rejuvenated and confident.


Skincare has always been Gina’s passion since as far as she can remember. She loves making people feel & look their best.

Gina Pfau has been in the skincare industry for 22 years. In ’02, she graduated from Rizzieri Aveda School for Beauty and Wellness. Gina has an extensive medical background that grew from working at Virtua Hospital in Voorhees as a PCT to working for various Medical Spas, Plastic Surgeons, and Dermatologist offices. Gina also specializes in non-medical aesthetics such as body waxing, spray tans, lashes, brows, and makeup.

She believes that continuous education in skincare and esthetics is essential. Gina’s goal is to combine her aesthetics and medical education to provide excellent patient care and knowledge to others.

Gina says it has been amazing watching the skincare industry grow throughout the years. Her favorite treatment to perform is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). With PRP, she combines both her medical and aesthetics skills, drawing blood and microneedling to transform the skin into a healthier glowing state.

Gina is motivated, driven, passionate, and absolutely loves what she does! When you book an appointment with her, you will get nothing less than a stellar experience.

Gina has two amazing daughters who are her pride and joy and has a dog named Charlie whom she adores.

If you are interested in learning more about the field of esthetics please visit where you will find an indispensable resource in preparing for state licensure and a successful career in esthetics.