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Permanent Cosmetics

We offer state of the art technology in Permanent Cosmetics by our board-certified micro-pigmentation specialists Stephanie Curran & Maria Rich. Permanent cosmetics can enhance your natural beauty in ways you would have never thought possible! Wake up each day with perfectly applied eye liner, lip color and beautifully shaped brows. Our skill, professionalism and attention to detail are unsurpassed in the South Jersey area. You can trust our Permanent cosmetic services to improve your appearance and enhance your self- confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are permanent cosmetic services performed?

A sterilized, disposable needle is used to implant hundreds of tiny dots of colored pigment beneath the basal (top) layer of the skin.

Can traditional makeup be worn over the tattooed area?

Yes, once the area has healed. Permanent makeup is designed to be a subtle enhancement to your natural features. You can choose to enhance the look with makeup for a more dramatic look or wear just your “permanent makeup” enhancement for a more natural look. That’s the beauty of “permanent cosmetics”; lots of options!

How long does it take?

Most procedures require approximately 1-2 hours.

Does the procedure hurt?

The topical anesthetic creams used today are much stronger than in years past. Follow these simple rules beforehand: No alcohol, blood=thinning medications, vitamin E, garlic or herbal supplements preferably 3 to 5 days prior to your appointment. This is key to greatly reducing any discomfort associated with the procedure and will help you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

What is the recovery time for permanent makeup?

While everyone is unique, most find that surface healing time is generally 3-7 days, and another 10-14 days below the surface. You can return to work on the same day, making this a great “lunch time” service. Lips will have some residual swelling and may chap. You may experience slight swelling after permanent eyeliner or eyeliner tattoo. Permanent eyebrow enhancement or eyebrow tattooing may leave brows looking darker than usual and will soften in a few days.

What if I decide to have cosmetic surgery?

Plastic surgery has no effect on properly placed permanent makeup.

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