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The Rizzieri Organization owns and operates three salons, a day spa, a beauty school, a massage school, and a business consulting business which features Frank Rizzieri at its helm.


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Frank Rizzieri is a third generation owner of a successful family run enterprise in southern New Jersey with an arm that reaches around the world. Out of the businesses the family owns and operates, it all started with a beauty school, which is known and operated as the Rizzieri Aveda School now located in Voorhees, NJ.



The school was founded by his grandfather in 1924, was the first beauty school in the state of New Jersey and today is one of the leading beauty schools on the east coast. Rizzieri’s mother Anna took over the school from her father and when her husband joined the business, he expanded the business by opening up a salon.



In the early nineties, Frank Rizzieri joined his parents to run the organization and he took the organization to a new level in the mid nineties opening up a 20,000 sq ft facility that today houses his dream of opening up a women’s center. Today the building houses a salon, day spa and his management company along with three tenants; two boutiques and a medical spa.



Rizzieri not only runs a very successful business enterprise, he also is a renowned editorial hairstylist and travels around the world, owns a hair tool company and is a spokesperson for a national hair extension company.




Even though his different businesses have won many awards, he has won the most sought after hair award, known as NAHA which is the highest honor bestowed to a hairstylist in all of North America. Rizzieri has won it three times. On his watch, Frank Rizzieri also won the Global Salon Business Award for Excellence in Business, which was awarded as one of the best run salon businesses in the world. The competition was judged by UCLA School of Management.


IiStock_000026961217_Largef you met Frank Rizzieri you would meet a very humble man who spills over with vision and is a very astute businessman who continues to grow the company which was started almost 100 years ago.






Rizzieri Salon and Spa along with A Medical Spa at Rizzieri has just relocated their facilities to the Moorestown Mall. Please visit Rizzieri at:

Rizzieri Salon and Spa


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The creative leadership behind the various Rizzieri enterprises resides with Frank Rizzieri and his wife, Anamarie.



FiStock_000050531100_Largerank Rizzieri

A nationally recognized stylist, colorist and beauty consultant-is the visionary behind all the Rizzieri enterprises, which include two award-winning salons, an award-honored day spa, a respected school of cosmetology and a rapidly developing management consulting firm, all located in South Jersey just east of Philadelphia.


iStock_000042420718_LargeA Family Tradition:

Cosmetology Practice and Education




iStock_000036097452_LargeLiterally born to the beautician’s chair, Frank’s father, mother and grandfather preceded him in cosmetology practice and education. Before attending Maison de Paris, a beauty school started by his grandfather in 1924, Frank helped out in the school and salon by sweeping floors. He soon earned a national reputation in the beauty industry as a top stylist, and his work brought him recognition as North American Hair Stylist of the Year in 1989, 1990 and again in 1993. Frank became in demand by product manufacturers such as Aveda, and has done runway shows for numerous designers both here and in Europe. His creative approach to beauty has been captured on magazine covers and in articles in numerous national magazines such as Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, British Elle and Australian Elle. He also has done guest makeovers on national television and styled 1999 Miss America.


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Along with his creativity came an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision of the beauty industry. While maintaining his “place behind the chair,” and with the full support of his family, he exercised his business judgement and creativity by combining into a single venue a state-of-the-art salon, an impressive day spa and the cosmetology school, now called the Rizzieri Institute. The result is a showcase model in Marlton, N.J. that effectively attracts both a loyal clientele and top students. To keep pace with his creative and business vision, he then completely remodeled his second salon in Washington Township. Under his leadership, Rizzieri Salons and Spa was named one of the nation’s 100 fastest growing by the industry’s premiere publication, Salon Today. Twice Rizzieri Salon in Marlton was named “Best of Philly” by the trendy Philadelphia Magazine. While his salons and spas are winning regional and local recognition, Frank continues to counsel manufacturers on product development, create educational videos and work national shows.


iStock_000008307456_LargeRizzieri has traditionally been a family enterprise, and Frank continues and extends that tradition. Among the people who help him grow the dream are a staff of more than 220, as well as members of his family including his mother and father.



She's a feisty oneAnother key player is Frank’s wife, Anamarie, who has her own international reputation as a makeup artist. Her philosophy of a fresh modern approach to beauty is ingrained in both the Rizzieri Salon and the Rizzieri Aveda School for Beauty and Wellness. Based in New York, Anamarie travels worldwide to work with celebrities and for national and international fashion publications.


Red GerberaThe Future

Perhaps Frank’s mantra is “We’re not done yet.” The challenge, as he sees it, is how to do better. And then there is the future. Frank sees the immediate growth areas for Rizzieri through product development, in opening salons in New York and Pennsylvania, and in its consulting division. Rizzieri Consulting Services, under the guidance of Chief Operating Officer Joe Stezzi, is now building a strong client list, offering its services on a project basis or an on-going management agreement that puts the firm in partnership with salons who share the Rizzieri philosophies and attitudes toward service, quality and performance.

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Anamarie Rizzieri adds another creative dimension to the various Rizzieri enterprises. Anamarie, wife of Frank, is a New York-based makeup artist with an international reputation for her fresh and very modern approach to beauty. Annamarie also instructs and designed “B-frank, a professional class in makeup artistry for fashion shows and print.”


iStock_000048783566_LargeShe is a much-in-demand artist whose work is frequently included in such publications as American Vogue, British Vogue, Germany Vogue, Teen Vogue, W, Allure, Mademoiselle, Marie Claire, American Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, ID, GQ, Jane and D.



Blue dreamsCombines Creativity, Skill and Intuition

In a seemingly effortless combination of creativity, skill and intuition, she achieves natural, radiant beauty in her subjects. It is this talent and her self-motivation that has given Anamarie the opportunity to travel worldwide and collaborate with such famous designers as Rebecca Taylor, Richard Tyler, Vera Wang, among others.


flower in iceShe has participated in countless ad campaigns, including those for Tommy Hilfiger, Brooks Brothers and Victoria’s Secret. Among the internationally recognized photographers with whom she has worked are Wayne Masser, Patrick Demarchelier, Robert Erdman, and Pamela Hanson.


Beauty headshot of a beautiful young womanLauren Hutton, Carrie Ann Moss, Dido, Katie Holmes, Rebecca Gayhert, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Heidi Klum and the 1999 Miss America are among the many celebrities that have requested Anamarie’s creative talent.



Beautiful WomanIn addition to serving as a consultant to popular makeup houses, she is a national spokesperson for Aveda.




iStock_000022462432_LargeBorn in South Jersey, not far from the birthplace of her husband, Anamarie was drawn to colors and fashion even as a small child. She turned her interests into an educational direction, and was graduated from Maison de Paris, the first school of cosmetology in New Jersey-and, coincidentally, founded by her husband’s grandfather.


Beauty in the swimming poolOff to New York

Upon graduating, Anamarie headed directly to New York with more confidence than experience, and talked her way into opportunistic jobs with a number of national fashion houses. “I am very fortunate to be doing the kind of work that I love, and in having the opportunity of working with the world’s best designers, fashion models and photographers,” Anamarie explains enthusiastically. “And, through my marriage to Frank, I am doubly blessed-not only in having a chance to work with my husband from time to time on shows and photoshoots,” she explains, “but also in having my philosophies and techniques taught at my alma mater.” (Maison de Paris is now the Rizzieri Aveda School for Beauty and Wellness, one of the foremost cosmetology schools in the East.)