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Damaged hair, thinning hair, and hair loss usually lies at the root of the hair in and around the bulb (See the illustration below). This is where the root grows and reproduces hair. The TRICOTEST is a microscopi
c analysis of your scalp and hair and its health. Utilizing the TRICOTEST microscopic analysis provides a close analysis allowing us to identify common issues, such as dirt and styling product build-up, bacteria and fungus, DHT enzyme symptoms, sebum build-up, and lack of hair nutrition. The TRICOTEST works for both men and women.  Having the TRICOTEST analysis performed is simple, easy and convenient.  Have your Analysis Today! Results include targeted recommendations and products.

At Transitions Hair Solutions we specialize in the treatment of your hair and scalp with solutions specifically designed to combat hair loss and keep your locks healthy and vital.

You can rely on our expertise and professionalism, beginning with a thorough analysis of your scalp and hair, we can then propose the most effective treatments and products for your specific needs.

Hair and Scalp AnalysisWe will perform a TRICOTEST: Which is an analysis of your hair through a microscopic process that allows us to examine your hair and scalp using clinical tools and software designed to provide an accurate assessment of your scalp and hair.

After the TRICOTEST has been completed and based on the data collected, we will then recommend the right products and treatments best suited to your needs.

To learn more about these specialized products, visit our trichology hair products page.

Hair Structure

Hair Structure