Dear Valued Clients,

We understand the anxiety over the current coronavirus situation and want you to know we take your health, and the health of our staff very seriously. “Where everyone is treated like family” is not just a slogan, it is from the heart of our business.

For everyone’s protection, if you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has, or if you have traveled outside of the country or have been exposed to anyone who has, please kindly reschedule your appointment by calling 856-985-8500.

We are usually a very affectionate group, however at this time, we will be practicing social distancing. Please do not be offended if you are greeted with a warm smile instead of a warm hug. It is for your comfort and protection. Of course we will continue to practice the highest level of hygiene which includes sterilizing/wiping down all equipment and lots of good old fashioned hand washing. You can come to our business feeling relaxed and protected.

Thank you!!


Drs. Donna Wilcox & Demetri Karanzalis