What is a Medical Aesthetics*? *
Note: There is no legal designation for “medical aesthetician” in the U.S. at this time.

A medical aesthetics* is someone who specializes in skincare, specifically corrective skincare. They provide a variety of treatments
and services and are often a client’s most trusted advisor on all things “skin”. Medical aesthetics* are trained to evaluate your
skin in ways that are not taught in skincare school. They offer consultation, products and knowledge to help improve the
appearance and health of their client’s skin, keep signs of aging at bay and correct imperfections that can keep someone from
feeling confident out in the world. There is nothing more satisfying than boosting a client’s self-esteem by helping them create real
improvement and lasting change to imperfections that have been keeping them from looking and feeling their best!

Where are Medical Aesthetics* Employed?

There are many opportunities for well-trained medical aesthetics*. The medical spa industry, which is growing in leaps and
bounds, is a major source of employment for medical aestheticians*. Dermatologists offices and plastic surgery practices offer
employment opportunities as well, providing a built-in clientele who are focused on skin health and anti-aging treatments and
regimes. Medical aesthetics* are an integral part of the circle of care these facilities strive to provide. Medical aesthetics is such a
booming industry that even primary care practices and dentist’s offices are providing these services as a way to attract more
patients and increase revenue that is not dependent on insurance reimbursement.

Medical aesthetics who have an entrepreneurial spirit can create their own opportunities by contracting themselves out to
medical practices that don’t yet have a skincare practice and partner with a physician to build a mutually beneficial skincare practice.

What do Medical Aesthetics* do?

Medical aesthetics* provide a wide variety of treatments and services, depending on their training and the state they work in.
Every state has different regulations regarding what is legal for a medical aesthetician* to do. Be sure to familiarize yourself with
your state’s rules and regulations.

Typically, a medical aesthetics* performs invasive procedures that treat not only the epidermis, but also the dermis which is where
real change can be affected. These services include medical grade peels, dermaplaning, micro-needling, medical microdermabrasion
and laser treatments. They also recommend skincare products and regimens, perform pre and post-operative skincare, help
patients manage acne and other skin conditions like rosacea, help improve the appearance of imperfections like acne or surgical
scars, and reduce the appearance of aging skin by minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation (age spots).

What makes our Medical Aesthetics Program so special?

Our curriculum places an emphasis on working with physicians, understanding physician services and bridging the gap between your
work in the medical aesthetics field and the physician’s work. We believe that understanding this “Circle of Care” is a critical aspect
to becoming a valuable member of any medical aesthetics team.

Our program incorporates physician and aesthetician level laser education, including laser physics, advanced anatomy and
physiology of the skin, injectables education, advanced medical grade peel instruction as well as advanced medically based
corrective skincare procedures.

Upon graduation, you will receive a certificate in Dermaplaning, Medical Grade Peels, Medical Microdermabrasion w/epi
infusion, Micro-Needling, Laser Physics and Technology and a Medical Aesthetics Certificate of Completion. This integrative
curriculum offers you greater career advancement opportunities.

*Note: There is no legal designation for medical aesthetician in the U.S. at this time.

I have been in the Beauty, Health and Wellness industry since becoming a licensed Cosmetologist in 1984. I spent 20 years performing services in the aesthetic field and then in 2001, decided to pursue an education in Massage and Energy Work. In 2008, I went to work for Dr. Donna Wilcox at her medical spa and was introduced to the wonderful things medical aesthetics can do for skin. The products, services and guidance that became available to me there helped me to resolve long standing issues with my skin that I had been struggling with and felt hopeless to ever conquer. This experience lit a fire in me to not only scream from the rooftops how amazing this industry is, but to also somehow teach other industry professionals how to be able to affect this kind of change in their client’s skin and confidence. As it turns out, I was in the right place and with the right person to make that happen! Dr. Wilcox also has a passion for medical aesthetics and a desire to educate as many professionals as she can. We collaborated and designed the Integrative Medical Aesthetics Program of NJ and have been teaching licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians, as well as nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants since 2011, how to do the best they can to make corrective medical skincare available to their patients and clients.

Helene Geigleman, Program Director for The Integrative Medical Aesthetics Program of NJ